Lounge in style...

…in the wonderful ambiance of Beachcomber bar, sipping your favorite drink and listening to great tunes with an unsurpassed view of the crystal clear waters.

At night, the modern aesthetic of the bar and the impressive lighting will add charm to your visit and make you wish it would never end.

Cocktails you have to try

Try our comprehensive list of cocktails, perfect for any time of the day, and indulge in moments or pleasure and relaxation by the sea. Whether on the beach during a sunny day or under the stars at night, enjoying a colorful cocktail at Beachcomber is an experience on its own!



Explore our wine list

We proudly believe that a wine list is a living thing that should evolve and change in order to create the best customer experience possible. The wine list at Beachcomber Bar & Restaurant in Stalis is constantly being updated and curated so that you can choose from a wide selection of excellent wines from all over Greece, produced from commonly praised grape varieties. Aidani from Santorini, Depina from Ioannina and Liatiko from Crete are a small representative sample of the available wines.

We will be more than happy to help you select the perfect wine to pair with your dish and suit your taste!

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