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The word “shisha” derives from the Persian word “shishe” that translates as “glass”. This name is more commonly seen in Egypt; in Iran it is called “ghalyoun” or “ghalyan” and in Pakistan it is referred to as “huqqa”.

The history of Hookah invention as a special device for cleaning and cooling of the smoke extends far back into centuries. Since ancient times, people use it for smoking glycogenic and herbs to reach a soothing or intoxicating effect. Such objects have been found by archaeologists in many regions, dating back to 8000 BC.

In ancient times, people used natural materials such as dried coconuts, partially filled with water with two reeds. It was served as a Hookah on the islands and on the coast of Hindustan. Some years later, in Turkey, precious materials and glass were used for the improvement of Hookah hoses and skin was used instead of rigid branch tubes. Afterwards, hookah smoking became a part of the culture and tradition of the Eastern countries.

Shisha has acquired its present value as a means of pleasure, relaxation and rest from the usual routine. Nowadays, a lot of people prefer Hookah to cigarettes, owing to its wet fume which is purified from resins, and due to its aromatic tasty smoke.
Our dedicated shisha sommelier will assist you with choosing the perfect flavor and ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable shisha experience.

• Customers are responsible for any damage caused by improper use of shisha pipes. In case of damage a fine will be imposed, the amount of which will be proportional to the damage

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